28-Day Intensive

Mind Body Jumpstart

This 4-week program will jumpstart you into new healthy habits.

We will work together to customize this program so that it works for you and your busy schedule. You will discover how to fuel yourself with food, so that you feel incredibly energized, empowered, and uncover your radiant self.

 This program is for you if you:

  • you are ready for a jumpstart into healthier habits
  • feel too exhausted and overwhelmed to get traction on making healthy changes
  • are a self-starter and highly self-motivated to take what you learn and continue to apply it to your life
  • have dieted before, or maybe you are a chronic dieter, because you always gain the weight back

If you are ready to get started, contact Emily to schedule a quick “getting to know you” call so she can make sure you’ll get everything you need to be successful.

28-Day Mind Body Jumpstart features:

  • weekly coaching sessions (that's 4 hour long calls)
  • unlimited email and text support (M-F)
  • weekly action steps

When you work with Emily – part cheerleader, part tough love coach -  you won’t have to rely on your own motivation or plans. You won’t be doing this alone. She will guide you through the next 28 days so that you can transform your body, health, and life with the perfect system, great support, and strong accountability.

This is more than an investment in yourself. It’s an investment that will benefit your whole family!

Are you in? Schedule a conversation with Emily to make sure you're the perfect fit together. Get in touch today.