After using the Beautycounter products for just two days while staying at Emily’s house, it was a real let down to go back to my regular products. I missed the citrus mimosa scent and lovely feel of all the products! I had to stock up on all the basics to take home to Australia with me!! It’s nice to know that such a great product range is also safe to use.
— Kate Nix
I use Beautycounter facial cleansing and moisturizing products. I have extremely sensitive skin, and, for years up until using these products, I had some eczema-like symptoms around my eye area. It is such a blessing to know that I can put something on my face that I can count on to be toxin-free! My skin feels great! I have had no issues with the eczema-like break outs around my eyes since using Beautycounter. In fact, I often receive compliments for having “radiant skin.” I will purchase this product for life. I LOVE Beautycounter!
— Dawnelle Hyland
I love my skin’s transformation since I began using Beautycounter’s Routine Clean cleanser, Gentle Exfoliator and Lustro Face Oil #3. My face has never felt so hydrated and looked as bright. And using the new make up and Hydrate Body Lotion is more than a treat for my skin, it is a treat for my senses, too! I love the way Beautycounter uses natural fragrances that are not harsh on precious skin.
— Emily Patterson
Love the body butter. It feels luxurious like a day at the spa! Also really enjoying the new lip gloss, color is amazing and stays on forever. I love the peace of mind I have with all of Beautycounter’s products!
— Kristy Yule
When my 13 year actually washes her face with the Beautycounter Daily Cleanser every day, remarkable things happen. Her zits clear up and her skin glows. Imagine that. She is still in the phase of having to remember, but all I have to say to look at her face in the mirror and ask her if she likes the bumps. Since she has been back from camp and using it again all is well with the world again. I also love the Body Butter.
— Erica Berry

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Before talking to Emily, I felt totally overwhelmed and stressed with feeding my family. Every child has different needs and preferences, and even allergies. She immediately picked up on my stress, helped alleviate it, and gave me some practical unique action steps. Even though I am a health coach, I couldn’t get my kids to eat healthy food! Thank you Emily for taking the stress out of meal times.
— Joanna Puciata, McHenry, IL
Before working with Emily, I felt confused and unsure how to meet my goals. I love how she breaks things down into bite-size pieces, basically making my struggles easier to overcome. With great clarity and compassion, she turns mountains into molehills!
— Gayle Baingo, Flagstaff, AZ
Emily, my session was awesome!!! You have given me simple, easy steps to ease into the after-school transition from snacks to my work schedule with my children.
— Linda White, Las Vegas, NV
Emily’s no-nonsense approach is balanced beautifully with a warm, supportive, playful style that takes personal transformation and weight loss to a whole new level. She is informed, supportive, and pushes me when I get slack!
— Cynthia, Denver, CO
Emily has been an amazing teacher on the journey to wellness. My skin has been clearer, my mood has been better, I have been more alert, sleeping better, and after 20 years of irregularity due to endocrine issues, I now have regular menstrual cycles for the first time in my life! She truly is an amazing coach. She has changed the way I look at wellness in my life and as part of our family lifestyle.
— Kate Bice, Chapel Hill, NC
For a long time I’ve wanted to do something about my weight and overall health but I’ve always been afraid of failing because I’ve failed so many times in the past. We’ve only met three times so far but I’m amazed at how easy my transformation has been. Emily’s support and knowledge has been amazing!
— Jennifer Halsey, Durham, NC
Meeting just once with Emily seemed to ‘flip a switch’ that perpetuated some incredible change in my life. While I had some healthful habits, inconsistency was the hallmark of my diet, food cravings, exercise routine, weight, and mood, prior to meeting with Emily. Almost every day I would vow to cut down on sweets and alcohol, eat more vegetables, exercise more, know the routine!

After the first meeting with Emily, I drastically changed my diet. I was amazed to discover how incredible I felt and to realize how sensitive (in a negative way) my body was to sugar, dairy, wheat, and processed foods.

For the first time, I know I will reach my fitness and weight goals. Thank you Emily! I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!
— Susan Moschos, Chapel Hill, NC