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3-Week Immunity Challenge


Do you feel like you live at the pediatricians during the colder months?

Are you tired of rearranging your schedule because someone is always sick?

You get the flu shot, but then what?

I get it! I hear this from my friends all of the time. That's why I am joining a team of Health Coaches and Integrative Practitioners to offer this AMAZING program. And even better, it is absolutely FREE! Yup :) You will get your family healthy this winter, save on doctor bills, and find some peace of mind. Oh, and we should also mention…you are going to feel the best you have EVER felt.


The Fall Immunity Challenge Begins October 29th  Join us! 


Emily brings her skills as a health coach, parent coach, mom, and teacher together, so that you can get your family on a healthier path with ease!


Here’s what you can expect:


  • a weekly email

  • recipes to inspire you

  • private online group to get ideas and ask questions

Emily is truly an amazing coach. She has changed the way I look at wellness in my life and as part of our family lifestyle.
— Kate, North Carolina

What will the challenges be?

Week 1, for example, the challenge will be to add in a green smoothie 5-7 times per week. Week 2, the challenge will be to add 5 colors to your meals everyday.

Your biggest challenge of all – HAVE FUN!

PS – There is no time like the present so if you “cannot” start on the 29th still sign up because this is information you do NOT want to miss. Is there really a better time to get your family healthy?


We Begin The Immune Challenge October 29

Emily provides effective ways of approaching healthy and mindful eating and caring for one’s self, children, and family. My family and I have been both inspired and changed for the better by Emily’s care and expertise.
— Martha G., Durham, NC