Clean Beauty Swaps

We all know what it feels like to fall in love with a product, only to discover that it’s being reformulated or just terrible for you. I know that the process of switching skincare lines can feel traumatic for some. Some people are VERY resistant to give up their tried and true favorites. My clients have been thrilled with the results after switching to Beautycounter!

Today I want to help make that change simple for you. Beautycounter’s line will WOW you! Truly. The performance is unparalleled and these are among the safest products on the market. You can feel good about using it on your own skin, your baby’s skin, and your pregnant belly. No warnings here.

For your perfect skincare match, take the skincare quiz and receive a 10% discount on your order. If you are looking to clean up your makeup bag, see my top swaps below.

1. Bare Minerals Tinted Moisturizer —> Beautycounter Dew Skin with SPF

2. Benefit Hoola Bronzer —> Bronzer in Dune

3. Drug Store Maybelline Mascara —> Volumizing Mascara

4. Tarte Eye Shadows —> Beautycounter Eye Shadow

5. Bare Minerals Blush —> Beautycounter Blush

6. Random Brands of Foundation —> Beautycounter Tint Skin Foundation

7. Mac Lipsticks —> Color Intense Lipsticks

8. Glossier Boy Brow —> Beautycounter Brow Gel

9. Random Make Up Removers —> Eye Make Up Remover and Make Up Remover Wipes