Clean Living 101

One of my favorite ways to clean my house? House plants!! House plants purify the air inside our homes and make it less toxic. Adding more plants (especially spider plants, peace lily, snake plant, and Boston fern). House plants are a simple tool for clean living. 

Although the concept of clean living is simple — it’s choosing to be an informed, conscious consumer when it comes to the toxicity of the foods you eat, the products you use on your skin, in your home environment, and the environmental footprint of these choices — it’s not necessarily easy to know where to begin.

For me, this journey started in high school with a focus on recycling and treading lightly on this earth (yes, I’ve been a minimalist since before it was trendy). Then I started paying attention to the food I was eating. I continued to learn and gradually upgraded my dietary choices. Later, I got interested in “greening” my cleaning products and skincare products. 

These days, I’m paying a lot more attention to endocrine disrupting chemicals (you should be too!). Honestly, raising teenagers just fuels my fire to reduce our exposure to as many of these chemicals as possible. Yet, as clean and green as we are, we still have some cleaner swaps to make. It’s about progress, not perfection. Am I right?! 

Some of you have asked me to share my tips for getting started with clean living. I’m going to give you my super simple approach below. For more actionable items, join my free 10-day challenge to get my specific swap recommendations.

Clean Living How-To:

  1. Reduce your exposure to things that may be harming you, like endocrine disrupting chemicals

  2. Support your body to be its healthiest, including a healthy endocrine system, nurturing health at the gut and cellular levels, while minimizing inflammation

If you want more information or a simple guide for certain clean swaps, join the Come Clean in 2019 group, where you can also dive deeper with the 10-day Clean Swap Challenge (starts April 1).